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Taeniophyllum aff. lobatum

Taeniophyllum aff. lobatum This leafless ephiphyte grows along creeks in rainforests around Brisbane. It does not match any known described orchid for south east Queensland but is quite similar to Taeniophyllum lobatum and Taeniophyllum flavum
Taeniophyllum aff. lobatum This orchid has no leaves but has numerous round or semiflattend roots to 60mm long with numerous aerial roots. The flower stems are to 25mm long and echinate (covered in tiny white 'hairs'). This orchid has multiple sequentially opening flowers with large bracts giving the flower stem a distinctive zig-zag appearance.
Taeniophyllum aff. lobatum The fleshy flower is yellow green about 4mm long with a 2mm spur which expands to the point of exploding.

The only other orchid in south east Queensland similar to this orchid is Taeniophyllum muelleri. This orchid can be easily separated from T. muelleri as T. muelleri is much smaller, doesn't have aerial roots, the flower stem is not echinate (white 'hairs') and doesn't have large bracts.

This orchid was first found in late 2008 and initial flower dissections show characteristics of Taeniophyllum lobatum (found in the Paluma range just north of Townsville) and Taeniophyllum flavum (found around Cairns). There is some confusion over the status of these two northern species and some consider these a a single variable species while others consider these two distinct species. It will probably take considerable time for the experts to agree on whether this orchid is a new species or a southern form of one or both of the northern species.

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