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Orchids of Brisbane

Printable Version

Thank you to these people for there contribution to this orchid information.

If you want to print this flowering table, download the Printable Version.  This version is a Acrobat (pdf) file and is suitable for printing.  For those without an Acrobat reader, it is available here.

Where to look for Native Orchids

Orchids can be found scattered throughout the Brisbane area.  Orchids are surprisingly common and can be found in most areas of bush, but are most prolific in the rainforest areas and their surrounds.  Even in the dry sclerophyll forests of the Brisbane suburbs, orchids can be found, sometimes in large numbers.  For example, four different genera of orchid grow in a piece of dry open eucalypt forest within 6km of the Brisbane CBD.  Orchids are everywhere.  You just have to look.

Collecting Orchids

All native orchids are protected by Australian law and must not be disturbed or removed.  Many native orchids are becoming rare due to habitat destruction and collection, so we must care for orchids and they definitely must not be removed or flowers picked.  Please enjoy looking at our orchids and take all the photos you desire, but please do not disturb our orchids.

Growing Native Orchids

If you want to grow one of our native orchids for yourself, please check out our nursery page for where to purchase them. In addition, Kabi or your local orchid society will be able to assist you with further information on growing native orchids in your local conditions.

New Native Orchid Flowering Records

We are always looking for for native orchids growing around Brisbane, so if you should find any orchids growing in the Brisbane area, especially ones for which we do not have flowering records or photographs, please drop us an e-mail so we can update our records. We would love to hear from you.

What Orchids Occur in the Brisbane Area

The table below lists the orchids we believe currently grow in the Brisbane area.  The month in the table indicates the orchid has been seen in flower in the Brisbane area by a Kabi member since the year 2000.  The olive shading indicates when the orchid should be in flower according to the reference books.  

The area covered includes Brisbane city and the ranges surrounding it.  It includes Lamington national park and Mt Tambourine to the south, Brisbane Forest Park to the west to Mt Mee and Belthorpe to the north plus everything in-between.

Many native orchid species occur over large areas of Australia and show extreme variation. The descriptions and photos on this website are of the orchids occurring in the Brisbane area and we have not included the variations occurring outside this area. All photos are of typical wild orchid forms occurring in the Brisbane area and are not of line bred varieties which do not resemble their wild predecessors.

Flowering Times in Brisbane

Acianthus amplexicaulis   Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug        
Acianthus caudatus           Jun            
Acianthus exsertus       Apr May Jun            
Acianthus fornicatus     Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug        
Arthrochilus irritabilis                        
Arthrochilus prolixus Jan Feb                   Dec
Bulbophyllum argyropus                        
Bulbophyllum elisae                        
Bulbophyllum exiguum   Feb Mar Apr May Jun            
Bulbophyllum globuliforme                        
Bulbophyllum lamingtonense                   Oct    
Bulbophyllum minutissimum                     Nov  
Bulbophyllum schillerianum     Mar Apr May Jun Jul          
Bulbophyllum shepherdii Jan                      
Bulbophyllum weinthalii                        
Caladenia alata                        
Caladenia caerulea                        
Caladenia carnea             Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Caladenia carnea var. carnea                        
Caladenia catenata       Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct    
Caladenia catenata var. catenata                        
Caladenia catenata var. gigantea                        
Caladenia dilatata                        
Caladenia flaccida                        
Caladenia fuscata               Aug Sep      
Caladenia gracillima                        
Caladenia picta                        
Caladenia sp.         May Jun   Aug        
Calanthe triplicata Jan Feb Mar             Oct Nov Dec
Caleana major     Mar               Nov  
Caleana minor                        
Calochilus campestris                 Sep      
Calochilus gracillimus                        
Calochilus grandiflorus                        
Calochilus paludosus                        
Calochilus robertsonii               Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cheirostylis notialis                        
Chiloglottis diphylla     Mar                  
Chiloglottis formicifera                        
Chiloglottis reflexa                        
Chiloglottis sp. (Mango Flat D.L.Jones 2547)       Apr                
Chiloglottis sphyrnoides                        
Chiloglottis sylvestris Jan Feb Mar Apr May             Dec
Chiloglottis truncata                        
Corybas aconitiflorus     Mar Apr May Jun Jul          
Corybas barbarae         May Jun Jul Aug        
Corybas fimbriatus       Apr May Jun Jul Aug        
Corybas fordhamii                        
Corybas hispidus                        
Corybas montanus                        
Corybas undulatus                        
Corybas unguiculatus                        
Cryptostylis erecta Jan Feb                 Nov  
Cryptostylis hunteriana                        
Cryptostylis subulata Jan Feb Mar Apr       Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cymbidium canaliculatum                        
Cymbidium madidum Jan Feb           Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cymbidium suave Jan             Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cyrtostylis reniformis                        
Dendrobium aemulum             Jul Aug Sep Oct    
Dendrobium delicatum                   Oct    
Dendrobium falcorostrum                 Sep      
Dendrobium gracilicaule             Jul Aug Sep Oct    
Dendrobium gracillimum                        
Dendrobium kingianum subsp. kingianum             Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Dendrobium monophyllum     Mar Apr   Jun   Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Dendrobium schneiderae     Mar                  
Dendrobium speciosum subsp. hillii               Aug Sep      
Dendrobium tetragonum         May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Dipodium atropurpureum                        
Dipodium hamiltonianum                        
Dipodium punctatum Jan Feb Mar Apr               Dec
Dipodium roseum                        
Dipodium variegatum Jan Feb Mar     Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Diuris abbreviata                        
Diuris alba                        
Diuris aurea                        
Diuris maculata                        
Diuris platichila                        
Diuris punctata                        
Diuris sp. (Jollys Falls J.Loveday 31)                        
Diuris sulphurea               Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Dockrillia bowmanii       Apr May       Sep      
Dockrillia cucumerina                        
Dockrillia dolichophylla               Aug Sep      
Dockrillia linguiformis           Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct    
Dockrillia mortii                        
Dockrillia pugioniformis                 Sep Oct    
Dockrillia schoenina               Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Dockrillia teretifolia             Jul Aug Sep Oct    
Epidendrum obrienianum


              Aug Sep      
Epipogium roseum                     Nov Dec
Eriochilus autumnalis       Apr                
Eriochilus cucullatus                        
Erythrorchis cassythoides                        
Eulophia bicallosa                        
Gastrodia sesamoides Jan Feb             Sep Oct Nov Dec
Genoplesium acuminatum Jan Feb                    
Genoplesium archeri                        
Genoplesium cranei   Feb                    
Genoplesium filiforme                        
Genoplesium fimbriatum                        
Genoplesium nudiscapum Jan Feb                    
Genoplesium parvicallum                        
Genoplesium psammophilum                        
Genoplesium pumilum                        
Genoplesium rufum                        
Genoplesium sagittiferum                        
Genoplesium sigmoideum                        
Genoplesium sp. Jan                      
Genoplesium sp. (Raby Bay J.Elsol AQ462423)                        
Geodorum densiflorum Jan Feb                   Dec
Glossodia major                        
Glossodia minor               Aug        
Liparis coelogynoides Jan                      
Liparis habenarina                        
Liparis simmondsii                        
Liparis swenssonii     Mar Apr                
Lyperanthus suaveolens                        
Microtis parviflora                     Nov  
Microtis rara                        
Microtis unifolia Jan                 Oct Nov Dec
Oberonia complanata                        
Oberonia titania   Feb Mar Apr May     Aug Sep      
Orthoceras strictum                        
Papillilabium beckleri                 Sep      
Peristeranthus hillii                   Oct    
Phaius australis                        
Phaius bernaysii                        
Phaius tankarvilleae                        
Plectorrhiza brevilabris                        
Plectorrhiza tridentata Jan             Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Prasophyllum australe                        
Prasophyllum brevilabre                        
Prasophyllum elatum                        
Prasophyllum exilis                        
Prasophyllum fuscum                        
Prasophyllum odoratum                        
Prasophyllum patens                        
Prasophyllum wallum                        
Pseudovanilla foliata                        
Pterostylis acuminata       Apr   Jun            
Pterostylis baptistii     Mar Apr May   Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Pterostylis bicornis                        
Pterostylis boormanii                        
Pterostylis cobarensis                        
Pterostylis curta             Jul Aug Sep Oct    
Pterostylis cycnocephala                        
Pterostylis daintreana                        
Pterostylis erecta               Aug Sep      
Pterostylis fischii                        
Pterostylis furcata                        
Pterostylis gibbosa                        
Pterostylis grandiflora       Apr May Jun Jul Aug        
Pterostylis hamata                        
Pterostylis hildae     Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct    
Pterostylis hispidula         May              
Pterostylis longicurva                        
Pterostylis longifolia       Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Pterostylis mitchellii                        
Pterostylis mutica                        
Pterostylis nigricans                        
Pterostylis nutans     Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Pterostylis obtusa         May              
Pterostylis ophioglossa       Apr May Jun Jul Aug        
Pterostylis parviflora     Mar                  
Pterostylis pedunculata                        
Pterostylis praetermissa                        
Pterostylis pusilla                        
Pterostylis revoluta                        
Pterostylis rufa                        
Pterostylis russellii       Apr May Jun Jul Aug        
Pterostylis scoliosa                        
Pterostylis setifera                        
Pterostylis sp. (Joyners Ridge R.Crane 17)                        
Pterostylis sp. (Lake Manchester R.Crane 45)                        
Pterostylis sp. (Mt Maroon J.R.Clarkson+ 1114)                        
Pterostylis woollsii                        
Rhinerrhiza divitiflora               Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Rhizanthella slateri                        
Sarcochilus ceciliae Jan Feb Mar Apr May         Oct Nov Dec
Sarcochilus dilatatus                   Oct    
Sarcochilus falcatus           Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii                     Nov  
Sarcochilus hartmannii                   Oct    
Sarcochilus hillii   Feb               Oct Nov Dec
Sarcochilus olivaceus Jan                   Nov  
Sarcochilus spathulatus                   Oct    
Sarcochilus weinthalii                 Sep Oct    
Schistotylus purpuratus                        
Spiranthes sinensis Jan Feb Mar     Jun            
Taeniophyllum aff. lobatum                     Nov  
Taeniophyllum muelleri                 Sep      
Thelymitra fragrans     Mar                  
Thelymitra ixioides                        
Thelymitra longiloba                        
Thelymitra malvina                        
Thelymitra media                        
Thelymitra nuda                        
Thelymitra pauciflora Jan             Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Thelymitra purpurata                        
Thelymitra venosa                        

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