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Other Sites of Interest

  • Orchid Hybrid Register
    Look up orchid hybrid parentage at this Royal Horticultural Society site
  • What's Its Name?
    An excellent site giving the names and synonyms of Australian Orchids
  • Orchid Pictures Database
    This database by the London Orchid Society indexes orchid photos in thousands of books and magazines. It does not contain the photo, but indicates which books or magazines contains a photo of the orchid.
  • Wildlife Online
    This site allows you to list all the species collected by Herbariums within any area in Australia.
  • The Australian Virtual Herbarium website allows you to locate where in Australia an orchid species has been collected.
  • New South Wales Flora Online gives descriptions and line drawings for orchids (plus other families) growing in New South Wales
  • International Code of Botanical Nomenclature - Vienna Code
    This code defines all the rules controlling the names of species

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