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Latouria Dendrobiums

P. J. Cribb’s November 1982 treatment of the Latouria section of Dendrobium genus in “A revision of Dendrobium sect. Latouria (Orchidaceae)” considered forty-eight species of Dendrobium sect. Latouria.  Various authors recognise between forty-eight and seventy-eight species in the Latouria section of Dendrobium.  The species and varieties of the Dendrobium macrophyllum complex remain the subject of on going taxonomic studies and articles.

 The Dendrobium sect. Latouria species could include (but may not be limited to) the following (in alphabetical order):

Dendrobium aberrans

Dendrobium acutisepalum

Dendrobium alexandrae

Dendrobium amphigenyum

Dendrobium armeniacum

Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Dendrobium bifalce

Dendrobium biloculare

Dendrobium convolutum

Dendrobium crassilobium

Dendrobium cruttwellii

Dendrobium curvimentum

Dendrobium dendrocolloides

Dendrobium diceras

Dendrobium engae

Dendrobium euryanthum

Dendrobium eximium

Dendrobium finisterrae

Dendrobium forbesii

Dendrobium hodgkinsonii

Dendrobium informe

Dendrobium johnsoniae

Dendrobium kauldorumii

Dendrobium laurensii

Dendrobium leucohybos

Dendrobium macrophyllum

Dendrobium mayandyi

Dendrobium mooreanum Dendrobium normanbyense

Dendrobium otaguroanum

Dendrobium pachystele

Dendrobium pleurodes

Dendrobium polysema

Dendrobium psyche

Dendrobium punamense

Dendrobium rariflorum

Dendrobium rhodostictum

Dendrobium rhomboglossum

Dendrobium rigidifolium

Dendrobium ruginosum

Dendrobium ruttenii

Dendrobium setigerum

Dendrobium shiraishii

Dendrobium simplex

Dendrobium spectabile

Dendrobium subquadratum

Dendrobium tapiniense

Dendrobium terrestre

Dendrobium torricellense

Dendrobium uncipes

Dendrobium verrucosa

Dendrobium violascens

Dendrobium wisselense

Dendrobium woodsii

Of the above species three are not natural to the Australasian Native Orchid Society accepted region.  These being Dendrobium laurensii (Moluccas, Halmaheira only), Dendrobium setigerum ( Philippines :  Luzon only) and Dendrobium violascens (Moluccass, Ternate only).

Forty-five of these species grow on the island of New Guinea from sea level to the montane forests.  Most are epiphytes but some (especially those from the montane forests) are terrestrials growing on Sphagnum and in marshy ground.  The majority of species in cultivation or used in hybridizing grow from sea level to 1950 m and usually from areas of year-round rainfall.

 The following twenty-four species have currently been included in the parentage of hybrids:

Dendrobium aberrans

Dendrobium alexandrae

Dendrobium amphigenyum

Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Dendrobium bifalce

Dendrobium convolutum

Dendrobium cruttwellii

Dendrobium engae

Dendrobium eximium

Dendrobium finisterrae

Dendrobium forbesii

Dendrobium johnsoniae

Dendrobium kauldorumii

Dendrobium macrophyllum

Dendrobium mayandyi

Dendrobium otaguroanum

Dendrobium polysema

Dendrobium punamense

Dendrobium rhodostictum

Dendrobium rigidifolium

Dendrobium shiraishii

Dendrobium spectabile

Dendrobium tapiniense

Dendrobium terrestre

The following four of these species have only been utilised for intersectional hybridising (not with other members of Dendrobium sect. Latouria):

Dendrobium amphigenyum Dendrobium kauldorumii
Dendrobium mayandyi Dendrobium otaguroanum

The following is a list (in alphabetical order) of hybrid grexes and their registered parentage that include only Dendrobium sect. Latouria species as at end of December 2006:

Den. Adora Nishii = Dendrobium alexandrae × Dendrobium spectabile

Den. Amber Perreira = Den. Delightful × Dendrobium spectabile
Den. Amun-Re = Dendrobium terrestre × Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Amy Pryor = Dendrobium aberrans × Dendrobium spectabile

Den. Andree Millar = Dendrobium atroviolaceum x Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Aropa = Dendrobium johnsoniae × Dendrobium forbesii

Den. Aussie’s Chip = Dendrobium aberrans × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Aussie’s Demon = Den.Jungle Gem × Dendrobium shiraishii

Den. Aussie's Destiny = Dendrobium rigidifolium × Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Aussie’s Flash = Dendrobium finisterrae × Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Aussie’s Gem = Dendrobium rigidifolium × Dendrobium aberrans

Den. Aussie’s Glory = Den.May Smith × Dendrobium macrophyllum

Den. Aussie's Jungle Candy = Den. Jungle Gem × Dendrobium rhodostictum

Den. Aussie’s Lady = Dendrobium rigidifolium × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Aussie’s Mystic = Den.Nellie Slade × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Aussie's Opal = Dendrobium rigidifolium × Den. Roy Tokunaga

Den. Aussie’s Pixie = Dendrobium aberrans × Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Aussie’s Sweetness = Dendrobium polysema × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Aussie’s Tapestry = Dendrobium finisterrae × Dendrobium tapiniense

Den. Aussie’s Tigeress = Dendrobium cruttwellii × Dendrobium macrophyllum

Den. Bill Takamatsu = Den. Roy Tokunaga × Dendrobium johnsoniae
Den. Bruce Gordon = Dendrobium alexandrae × Dendrobium eximium

Den. December Delight = Den. New Guinea × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Delightful = Den.December Delight × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Excel = Dendrobium cruttwellii × Dendrobium eximium

Den. Gerald McCraith = Dendrobium engae × Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Green Elf = Dendrobium alexandrae × Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Green Leopard = Den. Andree Millar × Dendrobium alexandrae

Den. Green Mist = Dendrobium convolutum x Dendrobium johnsoniae
Den. Green Wonder = Den. Green Elf × Den. Wonder Nishii

Den. Grotesque = Dendrobium macrophyllum × Dendrobium bifalce

Den. Guinea Maid = Dendrobium bifalce × Den. New Guinea

Den. Gwen Slade = Den.Nellie Slade × Dendrobium rhodostictum

Den. Haleahi Mistletoe = Den.  Kamiya's Charm × Dendrobium atroviolaceum
Den. Hermon Slade = Den. New Guinea × Dendrobium rhodostictum
Den. Ina Bauer = Den. Wonder Nishii × Dendrobium eximium
Den. Island Mist = Den. Roy Tokunaga × Dendrobium rhodostictum
Den. Island Snow = Den. Nora Tokunaga × Dendrobium rhodostictum
Den. Johnson's Delight = Den. December Delight × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Jomag = Dendrobium johnsoniae × Dendrobium terrestre

Den. Jungle Gem = Den. New Guinea × Dendrobium macrophyllum

Den. Kamiya's Charm = Den.  New Guinea × Dendrobium convolutum
Den. Kaneohe Mist = Den. Andreé Millar × Dendrobium spectabile
Den. Key Lime = Dendrobium convolutum × Dendrobium rhodostictum
Den. Lasting Elegance = Den. Andreé Millar × Dendrobium johnsoniae
Den. Lemon Lime = Den. Andreé Millar × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Lisa Sainsbury = Dendrobium rhodostictum × Dendrobium punamense

Den. Lemon Lime = Den. Andree Millar × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Little Green Apples = Den. Green Elf × Dendrobium convolutum
Den. Love Knot = Den. Wonder Nishii × Dendrobium spectabile

Den. Maiden Charlotte = Dendrobium rhodostictum × Dendrobium aberrans

Den. May Smith = Den.Nellie Slade × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Memoria Asiswadi = Dendrobium macrophyllum × Dendrobium spectabile

Den. Memoria Dipper Nishii = Dendrobium alexandrae × Dendrobium macrophyllum

Den. Memoria Kenneth Neifert = Dendrobium macrophyllum × Dendrobium eximium

Den. Mini Snowflake = Dendrobium aberrans × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Mint Magic = Dendrobium convolutum × Dendrobium eximium

Den. Miva Abracadabra = Dendrobium atroviolaceum × Dendrobium polysema
Den. Mystic Bee = Dendrobium tapiniense × Dendrobium convolutum

Den. Neifert’s Alexpoly = Dendrobium alexandrae × Dendrobium polysema

Den. Neifert's Mcroy = Den. Roy Tokunaga × Dendrobium macrophyllum

Den. Nellie Slade = Dendrobium atroviolaceum × Dendrobium forbesii

Den. New Guinea = Dendrobium macrophyllum × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Nora Tokunaga = Dendrobium atroviolaceum × Dendrobium rhodostictum
Den. Nora's Charm = Den. Roy Tokunaga × Den. Nora Tokunaga
Den. Pacific Delight = Den. Hermon Slade × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Pacific Pride = Dendrobium alexandrae × Dendrobium forbesii

Den. Pam Tajima = Dendrobium eximium × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Passion = Dendrobium engae × Dendrobium eximium

Den. Peter Nash = Dendrobium cruttwellii x Dendrobium shiraishii

Den. Pryor = Den.Amy Pryor × Dendrobium rhodostictum

Den. Raiatea = Den.Nellie Slade × Dendrobium tapiniense

Den. Roy Tokunaga = Dendrobium atroviolaceum × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Silver Wings = Dendrobium johnsoniae × Dendrobium eximium

Den. Something Cute = Den. Delightful × Dendrobium bifalce

Den. Spider Lily = Den. Roy Tokunaga × Dendrobium alexandrae

Den. Spotted Charm = Den. New Guinea × Dendrobium atroviolaceum
Den. Spotted Gecko = Den. Roy Tokunaga × Den. Wonder Nishii
Den. Spotted Gem = Den. Nora Tokunaga × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Stephen Batchelor = Dendrobium alexandrae × Dendrobium johnsoniae

Den. Tom Reeve = Dendrobium engae × Dendrobium tapiniense

Den. Tomohisa Yukawa = Dendrobium aberrans × Dendrobium shiraishii

Den. Tsiku Yamanego = Den. Roy Tokunaga × Dendrobium spectabile
Den. Veina Nishii = Den. Wonder Nishii × Den. Mystic Bee

Den. Wendy Slade = Den. Gwen Slade × Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Den. Winter Frost = Dendrobium johnsoniae × Dendrobium rhodostictum

Den. Wonder Nishii = Dendrobium atroviolaceum × Dendrobium alexandrae

Den. Woodlawn = Dendrobium atroviolaceum × Dendrobium spectabile

Den. Yellow Stars = Dendrobium polysema × Dendrobium finisterrae


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