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Australasian Native Orchid

An Australasian Native Orchid is any species orchid growing in the A.N.O.S. area or any hybrid made exclusively from Australasian native orchid species or their hybrids. That is, an A.N.O.S. eligible hybrid must only contain parent species naturally occurring within the A.N.O.S. area.

A.N.O.S. Area

The current border of the A.N.O.S. area is displayed as a red line. Orchids species growing within this area 

  • Australia and its territories plus
  • Islands west of the International Date Line and
  • South of the equator and 
  • South of the line to Australia

are A.N.O.S. eligible. In addition, hybrids made exclusively from these species or hybrids exclusively from these species are A.N.O.S. eligible.

Note that the International Date Line moved at the end of 2011 to now have Samoa and Tokelau to the west of the International Date Line.


Map:- Warren Wilcox



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