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2013 Australasian Hybrid Check List

2013 Hybrid Check List

The updated 2013 Australasian Hybrid Check List is now available. This book includes all Australasian hybrids, not just Dendrobium hybrids as with other hybrid check lists.

This edition includes all the information of the 2011 edition but also :-

  • includes all hybrids up to 1 April 2013
  • includes all Australasian hybrids, not just Dendrobium
  • for Dendrobium hybrids includes each Dendrobium section present in the parentage
  • includes whether a hybrid is native or Australasian
  • includes the registrant and year of registration
  • includes the species percentage in each hybrids breeding


As an example of the contents of this book, here is one example hybrid from the book.

Den. Andrew Upton NDPS = Den. Judy Leroy NPS ◊ Star of Gold ND          W.T.Upton 1982
25% affine NP, 25% canaliculatum NS, 25% falcorostrum ND, 25% tetragonum ND

where Den. Andrew Upton is a Native (N) hybrid containing Dendrobium sections of Dendrocoryne (D), Phalaenanthe (P) and Spatulata (S), parents of Den. Judy Leroy and Den. Star of Gold, registered by W.T.Upton in 1982 and composed of 25% affine, 25% canaliculatum, 25% falcorostrum and 25% tetragonum.

2013 Hybrid Check List As a more complete sample, here is the first page of hybrids from the check list book. There are another 253 pages of great information in the full book to help you understand all your Australasian Native hybrids.


The book is now 254 A5 pages due to all the extra information but still costs just $15 plus postage. Postage cost is:-

Postage Books
$10 1
$15 2 to 5
$20 6 to 12
By Request Greater than 12

That is, 3 books would cost 3 * $15 + $15 postage or $60 total. Ten books would cost 10 * $15 + $20 postage or $170 total.

Orders can be sent to:-

PO Box 424
Aspley Qld 4034

or the Kabi email. Cheques should be made out to :-

Australasian Native Orchid Society - Kabi Group

or Direct Debt to

BSB 064-123
Account No 1021-5008
Include purchaserís name as reference.

The last edition sold out, so get your orders in early to avoid disappointment.

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